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Property Description Examples...The Series

Part 2

Why The Property Description Series?

Our aim is to provide as many examples of listing descriptions as humanly possible in an easily digestible format. There are so many styles of homes and different levels of updates. We will take a property description from Zillow, take out the location identifiers and make it better. This is not a call out to real estate agents. This is a learning opportunity to show that everyone writes the same generic listing. If you change a few words, you can really distance yourself from what everyone else is doing.

Remember buyers do not only look at pictures and your client is watching everything you do to sell their house. This company was not formed because real estate agents are writing well. This mission is to help real estate agents like you see that there is an opportunity to showcase yourself as an advocate for your client and show them you aren’t like every other agent out there.

We have the property listing currently posted out on the web. We remove all the identifying information, then we take that description and make it better with a few tweaks.

Original Property Description:

This "ALMOST NEW" 2/2 less than 5 years old, single wide mobile, sits on 1.25 acres in a nice quiet neighborhood in City, State. With new skirting and steps, new septic and drain field, and tie downs up to code, it is move-in ready! Don't hesitate, it will not last long.

That’s it. That’s a real-life listing. Granted this listing is a manufactured home with few special features but we can still do better. Usually, we take this sentence by sentence, but I think we are just going to start fresh and discuss after.

Our Property Description:

It's finally time for you to put down some roots! (Headline)

123 Any Street is ready for you to move in. Step inside this beautiful, less-than-five-year-old manufactured home. Low-maintenance vinyl flooring throughout the house allows you to spend less time cleaning and more time doing what you love. 123 Any Street is on 1.25 acres allowing you more space to grow. Recently updated skirting, front entrance steps, septic system and drain field mean you can move in without a to-do list. With the recent weather events, you can rest easy with new up-to-code tie-downs. Outdoor activities are close by. How close, you ask? Local Park is less than 10 minutes away and Local Beach is less than an hour away. It's time for you to move in!

Schedule your showing ASAP! (Call to action)

Property Description Discussion:

I get it. Sometimes it can be challenging to come up with the best lines for your current listing. Maybe it’s in a bad location, maybe there aren’t many updates, maybe there is a bigfoot sighting in the backyard. Regardless, it is up to you to create an emotion.

This home could serve as a downsize or a first-time buyer’s house. Since this is literally a manufactured home (out of a box) without many distinct features, we talk about the experience. Whole house vinyl flooring is an asset for someone that doesn’t want to spend their whole Saturday cleaning. An extra 1.25 acres is a lot of land to expand if that’s an interest. Throwing drive times in your listing also builds the story in the buyer’s mind. “Nice, I can get to the beach in 30 minutes.” You are creating the image for the buyer and opening their mind to the possibility of purchasing and living in the home.

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